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The Laboratory for Brain and Cognitive Health Technology at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School is dedicated to advancing our understanding of brain and cognitive health by developing novel methods for measuring cognitive function using digital devices. Our approach to digital neuropsychology includes methods for measuring cognitive function at the individual-level and quantifying cognitive variation over time (dynamic aspects of cognitive function). Our technology development approach is centered on openness, accessibility, and engagement to make science more inclusive for diverse participants and patient communities.


Our research focuses on understanding how and why cognitive function varies from person-to-person and moment-to-moment, and how that variation relates to changes in mental and physical health.  This includes developing measures that are sensitive to cognitive differences between people and cognitive changes over time.  Our online research platform,, also allows us to develop cognitive measures in a way that takes advantage of the 3 million+ participants who have contributed data since 2008 to improve the accessibility, engagement, and psychometric characteristics of our measures.    

Latest Publications

Can we have a science of "daily function" in chronic diseases like diabetes? 

New methods are opening the door to new ways of understanding the daily experience of patients with chronic diseases that impact cognitive functioning, like Type 1 Diabetes.  Read our commentary with Duke Han and Naomi Chaytor, recently published in Diabetes Care.  

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