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Laura Thi Germine, PhD

Lab Director

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Laura is Director of the Laboratory for Brain and Cognitive Health Technology and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  Her lab is located in the Advanced Bioinformatics and Computational Discovery Hub of McLean Hospital, part of Mass General Brigham.  At McLean, Laura also serves as Co-Director of the Institute for Technology in Psychiatry.  She received her BA in neurobiology from UC Berkeley, her PhD in experimental psychopathology from Harvard University, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in psychiatric genetics at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.   

She created one of the first online neuropsychological laboratories in 2005, which became TestMyBrain in 2008.  Through TestMyBrain, her group has collected data from over 3 million participants worldwide.  In 2015, she founded the Many Brains Project, a 501c3 nonprofit to provide infrastructure for open-source cognitive test development.  Today, her program at Harvard/McLean and the Many Brains Project supports over 2000 studies and researchers in over 40 countries.  Her program has partnered with some of the largest studies in health to provide digital tools for measuring cognitive functioning, including the All of Us Research Program, the NIH Nurses Health Study, and the NIMH Aurora study. 

Her name is pronounced LOR-uh TEE jer-MEEN (Thi is Vietnamese).


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